Alessandro Mendini:
casa do ut do 2016

Samsung Gear VR

To accurately recount what casa do ut do is, we borrow the words of its creator, Alessandro Mendini:

[casa do ut do] is very romantic, is located inside a park; is formed by a large but also progressive number of rooms. Each room is conceived by an architect; has a precise meaning and signification, emblematic, metaphorical.

In these few lines is enclosed the beauty, the extraordinary character and the uniqueness of this project. In fact, in addition to the gigantic central hall that we have recreated following the architectural style and the colors used by Mendini to design its façade, casa do ut do consists of 13 rooms designed by 13 different architects. But the rooms of casa do ut do have peculiarities of their own. As a matter of fact we are not talking about dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, closets. The rooms of casa do ut do are composed of the feelings, values, and attitudes that form, nurture and grow communities. And if virtually building potentially concrete and tangible environments, based on walls and floors, plants and prospects is difficult, building (virtually, that means much more than what you think: physically) feelings, emotions, values ​​is even more difficult, for the expertise and the technical capacity must be supported by sensibilities and attitudes of artistic and humanistic nature.


Civilization: Michele De Lucchi; Complicity: Terri Pecora; Courage (of women): Nanda Vigo; Creative empathy: Mario Cucinella; Dream: Riccardo Dalisi; Encounter: Daniel Libeskind; Expectance: Alessandro Guerriero; Game: Stefano Giovannoni; Inclusion: Massimo Iosa Ghini; Light: Renzo Piano; Love: Claudio Silvestrin; Nature: Angelo Naj-Oleari; Vitality: Alberto Biagetti.


13 rooms. 13 different projects presented in the most disparate ways: hand-drawn, 3D files, storytelling, technical drawings, mood boards as starting points to present ideas and interpretations capable of representing by means of a HMD for virtual reality the emotions desired by the designers. 13 meetings with 13 strong personalities, ready to take a challenge, ready to deliver part of their own beings and of their work, all the while willing to take something from us and from our work.

Each room is conceived by an architect; has a precise meaning and signification, emblematic, metaphorical.

Alessandro Mendini