Claudio Silvestrin:
Antolini immersive lifestyle

Oculus Rift CV

Antolini Immersive Lifestyle is the first virtual showroom for Oculus Rift cv1, entirely created in real-time 3D. In addition to the atmosphere, it was necessary the virtual finishing of Antolini’s marbles, enhanced by the architectural spaces designed by Claudio Silvestrin.

In virtual reality, as in physical reality, when light meets matter, when water moistens a surface, the real character of the stone arises, it attracts the human hand and elicits emotions. Walking inside the rooms of Antolini Immersive Lifestyle means appreciating the lightness of the stone and the cuts of light. It means experiencing a new idea of space and time.

My design aims to show the hardly spoken quality of stone – its lightness.
For the earth matter is only heavy according to physics.
Yet our Earth is nothing but an orbiting dot amongst infinite galaxies.

Claudio Silvestrin