Mario Cucinella: etruscan museum Rovati foundation

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The museum project conceived by the Rovati Foundation originates from the desire to enhance and develop a property – located in Milano in corso Venezia, historic residence of the Carraro-Rizzoli and Bocconi families – through a comprehensive renovation and enlargement project that will lead to the creation of a permanent set up dedicated to the most complete collection of Etruscan pots traceable to the archaic period, the CA collection.

For the Empatia Creativa Exhibition, we have created an immersive virtual reality experience set in the new Museum of Etruscan Art, created by Mario Cucinella Architects by means of hypogeum expansion: a public place intended not only for exhibitions, but also for educational purposes.

The spaces were modeled first, starting from project files created by Mario Cucinella Architects; subsequently the finishes were made ex novo. The pots and the Etruscan warrior were modeled one by one in 3D, starting from 2D photographic images.

But the most complex part of the project concerned the lighting of the virtual environments and, in general, the atmosphere. In fact, it was crucial to bring inside virtual reality the evocative, sacred, cryptic atmosphere inspired by the great Etruscan culture, combined with the idea of a hospitable, creative and dynamic museum.

In one word: alive.

Empatia creativa is another way of defining sustainability.

Mario Cucinella