Mario Cucinella:
new Golinelli arts and sciences centre


Oculus Rift CV

Samsung Gear VR

Starting from the technical drawings provided by MC Architects, through a constant coordination with Mario Cucinella and his project team, we created the immersive virtual preview of the new Golinelli Arts and Sciences Centre, inaugurated in October 2017: a hyper realistic experience created in full real-time 3D and navigable via HTC Vive.

Thanks to the HTC Vive HMD, visitors to Arte Fiera 2017 could visit the immersive virtual preview of the Golinelli Arts and Sciences Center; using the special HMD controllers, they were able to move inside and outside the centre’s spaces and climb up to the panoramic terraces from which you can admire the adjacent hills and the Madonna di San Luca Sanctuary.

We want to give young people a support that helps their creativity.

Marino Golinelli