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What if


Oculus Rift CV

An artistic investigation on the basic emotions of man. This is the most precise definition of What if, our second completely independent VR artwork.

Starting from the writing of an original subject and script, we reconstructed hyperreal scenes dominated by the four elements: air, earth, water fire.

Who enters What if lives an apparently free immersive virtual experience. In reality, in order to avoid paralysis, it is necessary to follow the occult and pre-established direction that governs the experience, reckoning with one’s own memories and fears. In What if nothing is random and everything follows a precise logic. At least until the end of the experience: there, each one draws his own personal conclusions.

Although we know that we are faced with a fiction, we are not sure sure now. The incredible becomes more credible.

Tomàs Maldonado

What if - Vitruvio Virtual Museum