Casa do ut do

Casa do ut do
26/04/2016 Alessandro

Casa do ut do


do ut do (name conceived by Alessandro Bergonzoni), in its third edition, is a biennial repository of initiatives promoted by Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli which aims to raise funds in favor of Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus.
The first edition, celebrated in 2012 with the participation of Yoko Ono as godmother, was dedicated to Contemporary Art. The theme for the 2014 edition was Design, counting with the involvement of MASBEDO as supporting artists and Alessandro Mendini as guardian angel.
For do ut do’s 2016 edition, Alessandro Mendini has envisioned the do ut do house, which chambers have been designed by leading architects and designers, that dedicated to each one the values of living.
Godfather of this third edition is Nobel Prize for Literature writer Dario Fo.

Re-creation for virtual reality

For do ut do 2016, the house designed by Alessandro Mendini will be virtualized, re-creating in 3D the 13 rooms donated by: Alberto Biagetti, Mario Cucinella, Riccardo Dalisi, Michele De Lucchi, Stefano Giovannoni, Alessandro Guerriero, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Daniel Libeskind, Angelo Naj Oleari, Terri Pecora, Renzo Piano, Claudio Silvestrin, Nanda Vigo.
House do ut do will be open for a virtual reality visit – using Samsung Gear VR headset combined with Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 phones, for a totally immersive experience – or by means of a PC screen using a mouse and keyboard.
Based on the 3D model, a video of the house and its thirteen rooms will be projected at the Reggia di Caserta and the museums that will host do ut do’s installation: MADRE, MAXXI, MART, MAMBO, MAST.