Some Thoughts On Virtual Reality. A Decalogue. VIII

Some Thoughts On Virtual Reality. A Decalogue. VIII
06/07/2016 Vitruvio Virtual Museum


The best way to enjoy a virtual reality experience.

Content, as has already been mentioned, is fundamental when creating good virtual reality. If content is ugly the experience cannot be beautiful. But we must not underestimate the way a virtual reality experience is presented. Head mounted displays, especially the first time they are worn by the user, can cause annoyance, embarrassment or even become a physical burden. Therefore, when mass use is expected, a dedicated private corner for virtual reality is preferable, to ensure a fulfilling experience from every point of view.

Bruno Munari, Deformazione di una struttura bidimensionale a modulo quadrato, Design e comunicazione visiva, 1968

But the one Rydell had liked most was where you just went in
and sort of sculpted things out of nothing, out of that cloud of pixels or
polygons or whatever they were, and you could see what other people were doing
at the same time, and maybe even put your stuff together with theirs,
if you both wanted to. […]
But what he remembered when he clicked into the Republic of Desire’s
eyephone-space was the sense you got, doing that,
of what the space around Dream Walls was like.
And it was a weird thing,
because if you looked up from what you were doing, there really
wasn’t anything there; nothing in particular, anyway.
But when you were doing it, designing your car or whatever,
you could get this funny sense that you were leaning out,
over the edge of the world, and the space beyond that sort of
fell away, forever.
And you felt like you weren’t standing on the floor of an old movie theater
or a bowling alley, but on some kind of plain, or maybe a pane of glass,
and you felt like it just stretched away behind you,
miles and miles, with no real end.

William Gibson
Virtual light 1993

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