Some Thoughts On Virtual Reality. A Decalogue. X

Some Thoughts On Virtual Reality. A Decalogue. X
08/07/2016 Vitruvio Virtual Museum


What art can do for virtual reality.

We cannot ignore that the illusory representation of space – and virtual reality is illusory representation of space – regardless of the technique used, has always been identified with artistic figuration: a procedure that commenced in the 1400s with perspective linear representation, and has yet to be completed. The likes of Brunelleschi, Paolo Uccello, Piero della Francesca, Masaccio, Alberti, Mantegna, and Leonardo contributed to the development of linear perspective with their works of art and codices; a contribution so deep that linear perspective is no longer seen as a result of extra-artistic factors.
This groundwork helps us predict that artists will soon be exploiting virtual reality as an instrument for research and language.
We are ready to embrace them.

Campo visivo sul piano orizzontale, Spazi a misura d’uomo, 1979

L’occhio non vede cose
ma figure di cose
che significano altre cose.

Italo Calvino
Le città invisibili 1972